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Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons


What to expect

Visitors will get to know the family, will be guided to the small farmhouse, they will cook together, they will learn useful information about olive oil and the Cretan diet and at the end they will have dinner with the dishes prepared earlier!



Immerse yourself in Cretan cuisine with a small-group cooking class at a farmhouse near Kaliviani Traditional Hotel. Stroll through the gardens and learn about olive oil and the Cretan diet, then learn to make several traditional Cretan dishes, including starters, mains, and desserts, which you get to enjoy together afterwards. Includes alcoholic beverages and pickup.



  • Small-group cooking class near Kaliviani Traditional Hotel Google maps

  • An enriching way to experience local culture and cuisine

  • Learn how to make several traditional Cretan dishes

Cook Like a Local

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