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Traditional Greek Breakfast 

Simple yet delicious breakfast

Our breakfast is served on the table and is prepared at the time you are there.

Daily from 08:30 - 10:30.
Cost: 10 EUR per person/ Free when you book direct.

  1. Tea (Local Mountain tea, Green, Black, English breakfast)

  2. Filter Coffee (Jacobs)

  3. Hot chocolate (Cadbury)

  4. Milk (hot or cold)

  5. Fresh local bread

  6. Butter (Lurpak)

  7. Marmelade (Strawberry, apricot, orange)

  8. Cakes (Chocolate, biscuit, Vanilla)

  9. Slices of smoked turkey or smoked pork or chicken

  10. Slices of edam or gouda cheese

  11. Fresh seasonal fruits (pear, banana or melon, watermelon)

  12. Fresh orange juice

  13. Greek yoghurt with local thyme honey and cereal

  14. Traditional hand-made spinach pie

    (upon request - no extra cost)

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Breakfast experience

When you taste our traditional Greek breakfast for first time you will notice straight away that we are good at what we do because we do it every day -day-in day-out. Our products are always freshly made for you and of course, they are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients.

Hours: Every day from 08:30 until 10:30.

10 EUR per person/ Free when you book direct.