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Balos Lagoon

No 1 must-see place in Greece.

Balos lagoon can be reached in two ways, on two separate days: from Kissamos by boat (usually a big ship) or by car on a dirt road and climb down for 30-40 minutes to the lagoon on a winding path.

Good to know.

There are canteens on and near the beach, selling drinks and snacks. There are a limited number of sunbeds and umbrellas.
Make sure you’re equipped for a day in the sun.

Book your boat tickets to Balos Lagoon.

Balos Lagoon


Nothing can compare to this paradise. In the northwest corner of Crete in the Gramvousa peninsula, located the popular Balos lagoon, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean sea.

The beach of Balos has very nice white and red sand, while in the centre there is a small lagoon with turquoise waters. Opposite the Balos Lagoon are two small islands, Gramvousa and wild Gramvousa, the first is quite small and rocky, the other is much larger and features a castle built by the Venetians.

Getting there

Balos Beach by boat:
If you want to visit Gramvousa islands and Balos lagoon starting from our hotel in Kaliviani, you can get one of the boats that organize daily cruises, departing from the port of Kissamos. The port refrain just 2 kilometres (5 minutes driving) from the Hotel Kaliviani.

Balos Beach by car:
Also you can go by car starting from Kaliviani village, drive 9 km, (about 40 minutes driving), on a dirt road till to the end of the road, leave your vehicle at the parking space and then follow the path fror 2 km (about 30 minutes walking) and then you will confort the beautiful Balos lagoon.

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