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Kedrodasos beach

The most stunning beach of Crete.

Kedrodasos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of all. This stunning secluded beach in the western corner of south Crete has remained one of the best hidden gems in Greece. Yet it's only a short distance from Elafonissi beach, one of the most popular of all Crete beaches.

Good to know.

There are not canteens, sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.

Water, snacks, sunblock and hat are necessary.

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Kedrodasos is a series of beaches formed around a system of sand dunes on the south Crete coast.

Most of these beaches are small coves – the main beach is around 400 metres long.

Kedrodasos is the Greek for ‘cedar grove’.

Kedrodasos has many trees but they are not cedars, but juniper trees, which are related to cedars.

The beach is located around 2 km from the famous Elafonissi beach.

It’s a very secluded beach, and the trees and many rocks make it popular among naturists in Crete.

It also has some of the clearest azure water you are ever likely to see.

It’s pronounced ‘Ke-DROD-ass-os' with the stress on the second syllable.

Getting there

By car:
If you want to visit Kedrodasos beach you can go by your own car. Kedrodasos beach refrain only 48 km (about 1 hour) from Kaliviani Traditional Hotel. Get google directions.

By bus:
You can take the bus from Kissamos (Kasteli), there are several routes during the morning, click to visit the website of the bus company, find the route and book your bus ticket online from Kasteli to Kedrodasos.

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